Because We Care

Start Your Day With Piece Of Mind


Circle Time

We sit down with our children in circle time and introduce them to letters, numbers, shapes, colors, math, sign language, days of the week/months, and so much more.

Science/Arts & Crafts

We do different themed and fun activities with our children every Wednesday through science and arts to try to build a basis for future scientific understanding but also to build important skills and attitudes for learning at their level.

Inside/Outside Play

Our children enjoy inside and outside play in a free setting area in our daycare, where they enjoy playing with each other and toys safe and appropriate for their age group. We as providers also observe children while at play, learning how to think on their own, problem solving, creativity, and social interaction.


 According to the World Of Psychology and my own experience, music is a valuable teaching tool which appears to light up various regions of the brain related to language, hearing, and Motor Control. This is why we do learning through age appropriate music for our children every Monday to get their week going.